Neptune and Uranus

25.50 EUR

A depiction of Neptune's and Uranus' movements, inspired by beautiful vintage planetary displays. The original illustration was drawn by yours truly, Ella Moe. The illustration is detailed and in black and white. It was printed using a Risograph.

✚ Square print: 30 x 30cm or 11.8 x 11.8". 
✚ Rectangular print: 30 x 40cm or 11.8 x 15.7".
✚ Printed on matte, Munken Pure Rough (170g) paper, FSC Certified with a creamy tint.
✚ It's a limited edition (30 copies all in all).

Please note, the printed colours may differ slightly from those of the photos due to different monitor settings.

Tags: Neptune and Uranus, planets, space, black and white art, Risograph print, illustration, square prints,